You can find on this page the walking Mumbai - Bombay map to print and to download in PDF. The Mumbai - Bombay walking tour map presents the best itineraries to discover all the iconic landmarks of Mumbai - Bombay in Maharashtra - India.

Mumbai - Bombay walking tour map

The Mumbai - Bombay walking map shows all the walking routes to visit the monuments of Mumbai - Bombay. This walk map of Mumbai - Bombay will allow you to easily plan your walking tours through the streets of Mumbai - Bombay in Maharashtra - India. The walking map of Mumbai - Bombay is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Walk along the periphery of the ‘front’ bay and re-chart the birth of Mumbai as its mentioned in Mumbai - Bombay walking tour map. The first of our four historic walks the ‘Apollo Gate and Front Bay Walk’ covers the northern part of the old ‘Fort’. This was the area where the first signs of habitation were seen on the island of Bombay. The walk begins in the European Renaissance style Ballard Estate business district with its perfect avenues and streets echoing reminiscent of Victorian London. See the famous Town Hall which houses the Asiatic Society Library of Mumbai and the Horniman Circle Garden and the spectacular surrounding buildings. Walk down to the Flora Fountain circle which in some very peculiar ways resembles London’s Piccadilly Circus. Walk past the 275 year old Indian Naval Dockyard with its beautiful mural representing the first establishments on the island. Finally end the walk at the world famous Gateway of India and the now legendary Taj Mahal Hotel.

Follow the self-guided walking tours to explore Mumbai, India on foot at your own pace. The Art District of Mumbai is located in the south part of the city as you can see in Mumbai - Bombay walking tour map, next to the Gateway of India. This area has been some to several museums and galleries since the beginning of the 20th Century. Beside the well-known Prince of Wales Museum and National Gallery of India, this district is full of great galleries with many exhibits featuring both famous and emerging artists.

Our signature walk covers 500 years of history in a distance of 2 km over 2.5 hrs. It starts from where the first Europeans entered the city and ends where the last British soldiers left. Understand how the city grew from a fishing and farming villages to the modern metropolis it is today on this walk. You will start at The Asiatic Society of Mumbai Town Hall as its shown in Mumbai - Bombay walking tour map. All taxes, fees and handling charges are includes.